The 6 Best Android Games To Play Right Now On Your Tablet Or Phone

Looking for a new game is overwhelming if you are just hoping for the right mixture of addictive and challenging fun to just pop out at you on the Google Play Store. The good news is there is plenty of variation available. The bad news is that the same variety is overwhelming. How should you know if that new game is going to overdeliver and underpromise, or just fail to impress at every angle?

You do not need to work to find a game. Instead, read this list, and reap the benefits of the work we have provided for you. Save your time for playing games, not in downloading lemons. We offer the variety that makes a game for every taste available right here, from matching three games to the best of the Android RPG selection.

The 6 Best Android Games

Alphabear is a simple game that still provides plenty of fun. The concept is simple in that the letters reveal themselves one by one, gradually onto the playing field. Though, the challenge is that each letter has a timer. As the letters’ timers run out they turn into stones to block your path to the big payoff bonus points.

Timed mode challenges force you to work quickly. You also have the option for playing on a big board to provide a different kind of challenge. In return for solving more difficult boards, you will receive not only a huge score but will receive a rare bear as a reward. Part of the game involves collecting cuddly bears that provide a boasting of big points.

PixWords is free, fast moving, and challenging. It is a great way to increase your vocabulary and provides a solid puzzle challenge that is available in 22 different languages. It is a crossword puzzle stuck inside a picture. The challenge is to solve all the words. As you do so, new letters are revealed to you, until the whole word is unveiled. This is a game of patience and perseverance but provides a payoff for word lovers.You can also find cheats online but you can also find cheats in other supported languages, for example in Romanian language, french, greek etc

Plants vs Zombies is addictive and sets you in the zombie apocalypse. The antidote to the zombie invasion is a garden. Specifically, the foods that protect you start with a barrage of peashooters and sunflowers. Flora turrets toss flames and launch melons so that the zombies have no chance at winning. Grow the plants while fending off the zombies, until your plants are ready to shoot them off.

Jetpack Joyride. A “Do Not Steal” sign is posted next to the jetpack prototype in the top-secret lab that tempts you into action, flying off. You are Barry Steakfries and bust into the lab’s wall for a freeing but majorly destructive path of fun and mayhem.

It’s an endless runner game with plenty of vertical movement. You will be challenged to collect coins that are floating, and need that vertical movement to grab the coins. Electrified gates require you to weave around while avoiding missiles. The game gets even better when you find power-up vehicles. A metal slugesque mech and Mr. Cuddles, a friendly and large dragon are part of the fun party.

Building Boats You must, for it is in the game’s title. YMBAB gives you a dinghy replete with a skeleton and a zombie. By the end of the game, you will have built a cruiser that you happily captain. Game progression proceeds with successfully and quickly working through the match-three puzzles.

During the gameplay, you will be challenged to manipulate entire columns and rows, not the individual tiles. You have the challenge of time against you. The 2D dungeon sits atop the screen and you must line combinations up at a good speed to prevent monsters from overtaking your gameplay. You do get to recruit your own new monster crew, as to dispose of the zombie and skeleton. It’s pretty imaginative and fun for a simple concept that’s available for play on your phone or tablet and other devices.

5 Best Games For The iPhone

You have an iPhone and would like to play games on it. Maybe you are reluctant to take the plunge and visit the Apple App Store. After all, it’s a real jungle out there, full of wild animals, deadly spiders and lots of bad games. Don’t worry. We are here to help you.

We have listed 5 games below that we think are a great place to start when it comes to gaming on the iPhone.



Hitman games are well-known for having open-ended sandboxes. The best of them allow you to creep around a museum or party, find your target, and take them out in some creative way. Hitman Go doesn’t do it that way. However, what it does do is offer numerous tightly designed and smart puzzles that become more complicated gradually as you continue. However, they aren’t ever too complicated that you can’t finish a game over one bus ride. With its abstract violence and board-game stripped down aesthetic, it might not look like a Hitman game too much. However it still pulls off the satisfying and meticulous nature of the genre.

Good Match for: Those who enjoy Hitman games, puzzle lovers, individual who like
to imagine the meaning behind one board game piece “assassinating” another.

Knightmare Tower

Knightmare Tower

Knightmare Tower is similar to Doodle Jump, with all of its constant jumping and attempting to get higher. To help yourself along, you can tilt your tablet, and rocket it left to move left, and right to move right. However, this game is both different and better. In this game, you are a knight who is attempting to scale a tower. You are attempting to fly increasingly higher by bouncing off of enemies flying up from down below. The better your attacks are, the faster you will fly. It is an exhilarating ascent. However, you will most likely fail eventually. No worries. You earn new and improved abilities constantly that make it possible for you to fly even higher. Warning: it can be hard to stop playing this game.

Good Match For: A majority of hardcore gamers searching for something to play on their tablets that rewards reflexes and strategy that is all wrapped up in a great deal of constant leveling up and monster-slaying.

Not Good For: People wanting to have a long-session game to play. Your ascents into Knightmare Tower are short-lived, so although mobile games are getting longer, this one gets over quite fast over and over again.



The PixWords game makes use of picture clues for solving mini crossword puzzles so that you can advance to levels that are more challenging. As you continue solving an increasing number of puzzles, the clues continue to get more obscure and difficult. However, if you can afford them, there are a couple of lifelines available for you to use. One examle is greek pixwords solution

Good Match For: fans of 4 photos one word, puzzle lovers, word lovers that want to increase their vocabolary

Not Good For: Anyone who wants to stay productive.

Drop 7


This numerical puzzle game from AreaCode might be all-time perfect short-session game. As numbers fall and land onto a 7×7 grid, it is your job to make them disappear through matching the number of horizontal or vertical spaces with matching digits. It sounds quite tedious. However, after the rules have clicked inside your head finally, you could be addicted for life!

Good Match For: Anybody who spends lots of time having to wait for people or things. Whether you are waiting in line at the bank or stuck in traffic, a few quick Drop7 levels will make any type of stationary drudgery a lot easier to bear.

Not Good For: Anyone wanting to stay productive. You need to have superhuman willpower in order to resist the temptations of Drop7. After installing it, if you would like to get things done, be sure to keep your iPhone completely out of reach.

Device 6

Device 6

This game could be described as a text adventure. However, that would really be selling this game short. Instead it is one of the most mysterious, strangest and elegant games that has even been designed for touchscreen devices. It also involves lots of reading. You could describe it as interactive, multi-enhanced fiction. As you flip and rotate your device, and chase the winding map of design and description, you will become drawn into a sinister and strange adventure that includes one of catchiest ever pop tunes on a game.

Good Match For: Mystery novel readers, Lost fans, spy fiction fans and anybody interested in visual design or typography.

Not Good For: anyone who hates to read or wants plenty of replayability or action.

Review Of Five Card Quest

It is usually wise to keep an open mind to review games. Otherwise, it is not about giving the game a fair shake. Yet, Rocketcat is a game that has appeal and makes anyone who loves and know it prone to getting excited even before they have played the Five Card Quest.

Five Card Quest

Five Card Quest is technically a battle, RPG, card and tactical game. While it is also a roguelike game, it is more of a streamlined and a challenging dungeon-delver whose emphasis is on how well you play your cards in each given turn.

Five Card Quest pits you against the bad guys by rescuing yourself and your team from the dungeon levels. You do get to work this out by slashing, casting and shooting on everyone’s behalf. The “bad guys” are “ne’erdowells” and roving miscreants who have it out for you and your team. At all times you stand at the ready in three combat lines.

The benefits of playing this game are that you can learn what tactics the opponents use. It means that as you learn the game you may find ways to minimize damage incurred while being more powerful in your attacks.

Beginning Play
From the outset, you may choose out of 2 heroes, which each have their own cards. Those cards are shuffled into the mix with the cards of your team. Once the game commences, you receive a hand of mixed cards that contain each class of card.

You will find that variety and challenging gameplay are delivered through each classes defensive, utility, and offensive cards. Knowing how these cards work will be your best defense and best chance to win with this game.

You will learn what to discard, how to reduce damage, and when to take the chance and buy extra turns.

Advanced Gameplay
As the game progresses, you will not see the storyline unfold so much. This is not a game that is strong in story. It is more about how well you can keep up and contend in the battles as you go. It becomes more dangerous as you progress in the game. You will face bigger groups or just more difficult opponents. That is the greatest enjoyment that players receive from playing this game.

You will have to at times face off with five opponents in one turn. That’s when it becomes more challenging. You may play with the 5 Card Quest creator, Kepa Auwae. A streaming service makes this possible. And for huge fans of the game there is nothing more thrilling than the prospect of discussing all of the great game features with the actual game developer.

He has lots of other games available on the market and is always coming out with new games. Not all of them are made for every level of player. So before you jump in and buy every game, first determine at what level of play you are at and check in with other players to see if you would like it or not. Also, read reviews such as this one.

Rocketcat is known for creating challenging games for every level of player. Consider it a skilled game maker, but consider what you prefer before contributing and investing a lot of time into games that you are not yet suited to play.

Five Card Quest is a good game because it is challenging but also somehow maintains its sense of fun for a variety of players at different levels of mastery.

The game makers are dedicated to constantly improving the gameplay and quality. That means that you may see a constant bevy of adjustments and changes take place to make such improvements. They have made such improvements and changes to improve the story, and make it a better game all around. It’s better than the alternative, which is a developer who dumps the game off with players and never touches it again.

It’s great to have such access to the game developer, and have such responsive people who actually take into consideration your own input and experiences. If you ever have suggestions or questions, go ahead and enjoy reaching out to them.

Rocketcat provides well-made and well-designed games along with solid support. This game is going to be worth your time and efforts, but it definitely will require that you are present in this RPG. It is not for the weak, yet offers a challenging quest that is also very satisfying for anyone who plays it.

The Top Games You Need To Download From Google Play

Jelly Jump – Free

Imagine yourself as a glob of jelly having to constantly jump from being closed in by giant barrier. That is the premise of this incredible game that will have you jumping for hours. The goal of the game is simple, you must keep jumping before the gates close and leave your jelly to drown. The higher you can jump in the game the more points you are going to accumulate.

While there are similar games on the market, Jelly Jump is one of the most difficult. You are also going to need some skill to get high in this game. This game is not all about hitting the screen as fast as you can either. This game is going to test your reflexes and will actually help improve them over time.

As you continue to jump and collect jelly pieces you will be rewarded with the opportunity to purchase better gear. These sweet new pieces of gear are one incentive that will keep you playing this game and trying to beat your previous score.

It is hard to imagine a game about jelly being addictive, but it really is. In fact, I am going to take a break from this article and go play a round!

Spring Ninja – Free

Spring Ninja

I am sure you have seen the number of games that have tried to emulate the success and gameplay of Flappy Bird. If you liked that game but wanted a new type of challenge, Spring Ninja is calling your name.

Most of the games that are on the market are all basically the same, you sit and you tap. Spring Ninja is a game that is trying to change all that and give you new reasons to scream in frustration as this is a game that seems impossible to beat.

With no intention to insult anyone, you are going to be playing as Fat Ninja, who for one reason or another has springs on his feet. You will use your phone to make him leap forward by pressing and holding the screen. You have to judge how long you hold the screen until you release him to reach the next platform. You will have to take into account the height and distance of each new platform. Your success rate is going to be incredibly low in this game as he rarely seems able to reach the next platform.

This is a painful game to master, but you will be rewarded with high levels on entertainment.

Fast and Furious: Legacy – Free

Fast and Furious

The amount of detail that has gone into this app to recreate moments and characters from movie series is quite amazing. Your goal is to rise in the ranks and become one of the best street racers in LA. As with many platform games you have the ability to make some incredible customizations to your racing vehicle. This includes giving it a new paint job, upgrading the engine, or even tuning up the gearboxes. These cars are much easier to drive than many recent attempts in the racing genre and you will be heavily rewarded for drifting. If you have been a fan of the movies or the racing game genre in general, this one is worth downloading.

Stickman Rush – Free

Stickman Rush

Are you looking for a fun and simple game? With this game, you are in a rocket ship trying to dodge traffic patterns and grab coins. The premise is similar to Temple Run with you getting more points the longer you can last. The artwork really makes this game stand out from the pack and its simplicity makes it rather addicting.